Easy Steps to Find Good Transcription Services

Businesses dealing in earning calls, training, documenting conference calls, seminars or medical information needs good transcription services. Not all companies are in a situation to establish a separate transcription department. These companies rely on the transcription providers from outside sources. As the market is full of good as well as not so good transcription service providers, keep in mind the following ways to find a good transcription agency that suits your business requirements:
Do not hesitate to hire a transcription service provider that employs independent contractors for their projects. This is a common practice in the industry nowadays. These contactors work from their home but that does not mean they are not efficient at what they do. Before getting hired for the job, the independent contractors are put through transcription tests and trainings.
Before hiring a transcription service company, check with them whether their independent contractors are native English speakers or they have experience working for other foreign assignments. Getting quality service should not be an issue as long as the hired contractors are people whose first language is English.
Transcription is not only typing but much more than that. Reputed transcriptionists have firm grip on grammar; spelling and they take pride in their work. These transcriptionists will charge according to the work.
Chalk out your turn around time requirement and then inquire about the guaranteed turnaround time of the transcription service providers. The rate of different turnaround time varies from company to company. There are two types of rates, standard rate and rush rate. Rush rate comes into the picture only if you want something within a shorter time period.
You should be able to contact someone easily at the transcription company to communicate your requirements. However, you will have to hire a new transcription company, if getting a response quickly becomes a headache.
If your business requires medical transcription services, you will have to find out what kind of training the contractors have undergone. The transcriptionists in a medical transcription company are required to complete a training program in order to become a successful medical transcriptionist.

What Has Happened to Good Customer Service?

Many people are of the age where they still remember providing excellent customer service to their patients or customers. Whether they were medical professionals or staffers, or customer service representatives in any industry, even State legislators or any type of professional who deals with the public regularly.In days past, good customer service was prevalent, not to mention expected from employers, and was always given to the public. Whether the service was provided in person, over the telephone, by mail, or more recently over the Internet, employees took pride in the quality of service bestowed on their patrons.Unfortunately, this is now a thing of the past. Employees of the same professional industries are giving horrible customer service to the people. What is worse is that the upper management personnel of these companies, hospitals, or what have you, is not only condoning this, but are training their staff members in this manner. Whatever the reason, it is not false to say that every person in the United States now has experienced some type of rotten customer service from someone they deal with. Needless to say, the public is, or should be, becoming very concerned about this issue.Why is this happening? Are there really any good reasons for this, or have people become so callous that they no longer care at all about how they treat other people? In the past, this type of behavior did occur now and then from somebody on occasion. Those employees were typically admonished for doing so. Nowadays, extremely poor customer service is now common-place among employees and upper management alike. It is being allowed to continue and nothing is being done about it.So, what can be done to alleviate poor customer service in the United States? First, the public at large needs to take a stand and decide not to put up with it anymore. Second, management level employees have to care and refuse to allow their employees to treat people this way. This can include enhanced sensitivity training when employees are hired, as well as refresher courses in this over their careers. Also, when an employee is rude and crass to a customer, punishment must be automatic and severe. Legislation alone will not solve this awful problem. People in general have to start caring about their fellow man again.One thing is certain! Something must be done about this horrible trend, starting immediately. It should be considered morally wrong to treat other people in such a harsh manner. We need to bring respect back into the picture as well. When people do not respect each other, only bad things can come as a result. Compassion is also another factor, persons no longer feel compassion for each other. Parents have a lot to do with this situation too. Aspects of behavior such as a lack of respect and compassion, used to be taught to children by their parents and perhaps grandparents too. Why is this no longer the case? If nobody takes any measures to restore great customer service to the public, we are surely doomed as a nation! Think about this!